"Excellence is not a skill.

It is an attitude."

- Ralph Marston

Bridging the gap between
possibility and success
with custom software solutions.

Musketeer is a global software development company based in South Africa. Led by three experienced directors (the Three Musketeers) and supported by a talented team, the company is rapidly expanding and becoming a leading name in the custom software solutions industry.

We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed through innovative solutions that save time and money, increase productivity, and improve transparency

Our main focus is providing custom software solutions for web app development and ERP systems, as well as solutions for the aviation industry through our flagship application, the Musket Flight Management System.



We are always willing to make changes and adjustments to meet your evolving needs, offering multiple options or solutions and being open to modifying the scope of a project as needed.


We prioritize delivering high-quality custom software solutions that meet and exceed your needs and expectations. We conduct thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure the final product is reliable and effective.


We involve our clients in the development process and seek your input and feedback throughout the project, holding regular meetings or check-ins to discuss progress and gather feedback.


We guarantee to address your inquiries and concerns in a timely manner, providing prompt responses and flexible scheduling for meetings and consultations.


We are open and honest in our communication with you, keeping you informed about the status of your projects and any potential issues or challenges that may arise.

We love to give back to our community

We all play an important role in the wider community.

We are passionate about giving back and supporting those in need, and we believe it is our socio-economic responsibility to do so. We achieve this with our NPO sister company Musketeer Foundation.

We believe that by working together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future for everyone.

So, we are always looking for opportunities to give back and make a difference in the lives of others.

Please feel free to contact us should you like to make a donation or identify an area of need.

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